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Are you:



An hermaphrodite


i like to write

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what is your favorite music dick dalle, nancy sinatra, limp bizkit, wutang clan, techno, goth, music some country Correct?
whats about you? My name is Elena sometimes called guttz or blood and guttz. I am a thirty two years I am an artist, songwriter, musician, author for Amazon, novel cat and Webnovel. I am also skilled artist and piercer. I mainly do yakuza romances but I sometimes stray away from the way martial arts and yakuza world . I am also a guitarist, and I have a Spotify name karma Tempa. May pen name is elena scully. I have ptsd and Asperger's I also have a wattpad account call @ptsdwarrior. I was born in Bucharest Romania during the revolution in 1989 and was adopted at age 2 was diagnosed with PTSD plain old PTSD at the age of 20 and then I figured out that I had comorbidities and complex PTSD as well as a mild case of dissociative identity disorder. I do find that writing in words and reading help me a lot to keep me less stressed in the world. I am a human rights activist. I am hoping to be a best-selling author and a tattoo artist at some point in my life but right now I'm doing odd jobs around the town just got tattoos on my body. I also do writing and art and I sell things that I don't need anymore. That's basically yet other than that I'm not gonna tell you when I go to the bathroom but I will tell you this I have a pet beta fish. I I am mixed race and I am multicultural as well as two years ago so I had my DNA tested and they keep returning with new results. I have nine facial piercing seven ear piercings and three earlobes. My favourite holiday is Halloween.
books and movies? the stand by stephen king, lady snow blood, john ghrishm, romance! horror, scifi, fantasy, some erotica kill bill vol1, brother, yakuza films. yes they are